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Sustainable animal husbandry – The perfect way to use nature's treasures

Our veterinary preparations are made from natural ingredients (herbs and minerals), do not contain artificial performance enhancers, and have a zero-day withdrawal period. In addition to higher productivity and profitability, they help significantly reduce the use of medicines, to comply with consumer protection and environmental protection policies, as well as European Union regulations. The compositions can be used advantageously both in large-scale farming, and in backyard or organic farming.

"Traditional knowledge - Modern research" is the motto and defining philosophy of our internationally recognized manufacturer of veterinary products, Ayurvet Ltd. (1992). The products are marketed in more than 30 countries worldwide, with more than 680 clinical trial publications in national and international newspapers, and with more than 120 Ph.D. dissertations proving the effectiveness of the products.

Due to the restrictions of the European Union and to the rise of antibiotic resistance, our herbal products are playing an increasing role in pet-care and livestock farming, and mean a very effective alternative. We have built long-term partnerships and professional cooperation with a growing numbers of domestic and European livestock farmers, and we have been able to help them reduce their production costs and increase their efficiency.

We also cooperate with domestic and international universities of veterinary and agricultural sciences in order to make herbal medicine as widely known as possible.

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